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{{translation|Lists of monuments|Lists of monuments}}
{{translation|Lists of monuments|Lists of monuments}}
</div>{{Article in other languages|lang=en|de=Lists_of_monuments/de|en=Lists_of_monuments|fr=Lists_of_monuments/fr|nl=Lists_of_monuments/nl}}
</div>{{Article in other languages|lang=en|de=Lists_of_monuments/de|en=Lists_of_monuments|fr=Lists_of_monuments/fr|lb=Lists_of_monuments/lb|nl=Lists_of_monuments/nl}}
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[[File:Monumentenschildje blauw wit.svg|50px|right]]

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In other languages English | German | French | Luxembourgish | Dutch
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The lists of monuments have been created for each municipality and show all the registered monuments in that specific municipality.

  • The lists of monuments of Flemish municipalities and municipalities of Brussels Capital Region are only available in Dutch.
  • The lists of monuments in Walloon municipalities are only available in French and Dutch.
  • The lists of monuments of municipalities in the German-speaking Community are available in German.
  • The lists of monuments of municipalities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are available in French, Dutch and Luxembourgish.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Flemish provinces
(in Dutch)
East Flanders
Flemish Brabant
West Flanders
Walloon provinces
(in French / Dutch)
Hainaut (FR/NL)
Liège (FR/NL)
Luxembourg (FR/NL)
Namur (FR/NL)
Walloon Brabant (FR/NL)
All municipalities
Brussels Capital Region (in Dutch)
German-speaking Community (in German)