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The lists of monuments have been created for each municipality and show all the registered monuments in that specific municipality.

  • The lists of monuments of Flemish municipalities are only available in Dutch.
  • The lists of monuments in Walloon municipalities and municipalities of Brussels Capital Region are only available in French and Dutch.
  • The lists of monuments of municipalities in the German-speaking Community are available in German.
  • The lists of monuments of municipalities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are available in French, Dutch and Luxembourgish.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Flemish provinces
(in French / Dutch)
Antwerp (FR/NL)
East Flanders (FR/NL)
Flemish Brabant (FR/NL)
Limburg (FR/NL)
West Flanders (FR/NL)
Walloon provinces
(in English)
Walloon Brabant
All municipalities
Brussels Capital Region (in French) (Notre référence = Number of the monument)
Brussels Capital Region (in Dutch)
German-speaking Community (in English)