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Welcome to   Wiki Loves Monuments
the photo competition for monuments in Belgium and Luxembourg

Wiki Loves Monuments is an event where everyone can participate by taking pictures of listed monuments and upload them for use on Wikipedia. The contest is held throughout Europe in several countries, see the map on the right. The concept of this contest is to upload in September 2011 a maximum of photos of cultural property of national significance in Belgium and Luxembourg to make our cultural heritage visible for the public. The lists of all these items are available from this site.

All pictures will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under a free license in order to be available for any future usage. Wikimedia Commons is the online multimedia library, hosting for example all the illustration of all the Wikipedia in every language.

During September, you have the possibility to upload as many pictures as you want of monuments you visited. The pictures don't have to be taken in September, but only files that are uploaded in September count in this contest. At the end of the contest, a jury will select the nicest pictures which best represent the object. Owners of the winning pictures will receive prices and recognition during a celebration evening where all participants of the contest will be invited.

Uploading pictures about other monuments and subjects, and uploads outside the month of September, do not participate in this competition, but are also very welcome!