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The picture contest Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium and Luxembourg is organized by users of Wikipedia in several language editions. The purpose of Wikipedia is to create in every language a free internet encyclopedia. This particular contest has as purpose to make the cultural heritage visible for the public and to enrich the articles of Wikipedia with pictures.

The picture context Wiki Loves Monuments runs from September 1 until September 30, 2011.


  • Photos have to be self uploaded, during the period of the contest;
  • Photos should be published under free license, preferably CC-BY-SA 3.0.
  • With uploading a photo the number of the monument that is shown on the photo must be specified;
  • Decisions of the jury are final and cannot be contested in any case.

The unique number of a monument can be found in the lists of monuments.


  • Tijl Vereenooghe
    Tijl is the manager of Just as the picture contest Wiki Loves Monuments collects this website pictures of the Flemish cultural heritage.
  • Michiel Hendryckx
    Michiel is a news photographer and Flemish television personality. He made television programs "De bende van Wim" and "Het Bourgondisch complot".
  • Luc Viatour
    Luc is one of the most active users of Wikimedia Commons. He made dozens of pictures that are awarded as Featured Pictures (overview).


  • More information will follow